Dock Levelers for Your Business

Dock Leveler Milwaukee

Dock levelers are essential for companies that ship and/or received goods on pallets at their place of business. The heavier the cargo the more important a dock leveler can be. Of course the objective of a dock leveler is to facilitate quick and safe loading and unloading of cargo, and generally a forklift is used to move the cargo. Some business operations deal in lighter goods where handing is easier, in which the dock leveler can be of a light weight type.

Light duty dock levelers generally handle 10,000 to 25,000 lbs of weight, allowing smaller forklifts to handle the work for light duty loading and unloading. Light duty levelers are generally mechanical, meaning there are no hydraulics involved, only springs and levers to allow easy adjustment of the leveler height when the truck arrives.

Heavy duty levelers can generally handle from 25,000 to 50,000lbs of weight, which is where the construction integrity and safety features of the lever becomes very important. Hydraulics dock levelers are generally more expensive and require scheduled maintenance for safety and reliability, but are easier to operate in heavy duty operations. Several models offer side to side angle adjustments to match trailers that are exactly level in relation to the dock. Side to side adjustments can be important with heavy duty cargo to minimize the stress on the leveler to maximize the life of the dock leveler.

Levelers come in two basic type, pit levelers and edge levelers. Edge levelers are generally less expensive and lighter duty, but are also limit to wide variances in truck bed heights, without having steep ramp angles. Although the length of the ramp of edge levelers is short and generally cost less to install on docks without a pit, they do have limitations to adapt to extreme high or low truck beds, while providing a safe ramp angle. If your business has a wide variance in truck bed heights the longer ramp length of a pit leveler would be advised.

The key questions to answer before making decisions on which type of dock leveler is needed for each business application are:
1. How many times a day do you use the dock leveler (how busy are you?)
2. Do you expect your dock traffic to increase as your business matures?
3. What do the heaviest loads you will be loading or unloading weigh?
4. What are the variations in truck bed heights for your kind of business?

Truck Restraints (Dock Hooks)

For safety purposes the use of a truck restraint is always advised. This is a locking mechanism that secures the truck bed to the building lock. Some call them dock hooks because they look like a hook that engages with the back of the truck bumper. These truck restraints minimize the danger of a truck pulling away accidentally dock before it’s safe. This generally happens from misinterpretation of hand signals or verbal communications and can lead to serious injury to dock workers. In noisy environments, bad weather the risk of misinterpreting another persons increases dramatically, and accidents do happen. Truck restraints are good insurance to prevent any misinterpretations, allowing dock personnel to release the truck to depart only when it’s safe. Some truck restraints have a red and green light signal mounted on the dock wall, visible to the truck driver that indicates when it’s safe to pull away.

Although loading and unloading heavy cargo can be a safe operation, choosing the right equipment specific for the business needs is key. Contact Commercial Door Company in Pomona CA for an expert survey and free estimate based on your business needs today and growth plans tomorrow.

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dock leveler Milwaukee

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