Examples of Commercial Doors in Use

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One of the best ways to know which steel commercial door is best for your project is to see these doors in use. Here are some examples of commercial doors in everyday use.

Whenever you embark on a new project, one question that comes to mind is what style of commercial door works best for the facility. Of course many factors affect your final decision. Sometimes you have little choice in the matter – the type of facility you’re building, the amount of traffic, and federal/local ordinances could dictate what type of door you need.

Still, chances are you do have some options on the type of entryways you can install in your construction projects. Seeing that architecture and construction are visually based, it does little service to you to just talk about the types of doors available for your upcoming project. What’s far more beneficial is to actually see these commercial doors in action.

Here are some examples of commercial doors in everyday use. By checking out these doors, you’ll likely discover inspiration for your next or current project.

The glass-encased automatic door featured at the Harbour Castle in Toronto sends an instant message of elegance and luxury. This is exactly what the affluent hotel is trying to portray. Its aim is to attract guests looking for the finer things in life, and its entryway does the job of making it clear – this hotel is all about the glamour.

Gaylord Hotels (the convention hotel brand of Marriott International) enlist the use of wide-opening automatic doors, and for one clear reason: these hotels accommodate large groups of people. As the site of endless conventions, Gaylord Hotels must be prepared to handle any number of guests. By using wide-opening sliding doors, they can ensure constant traffic flow whether one guest, or 100, walks in at one time.

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The world-renowned Ritz-Carlton also benefits from the use of high-quality commercial doors. This elegant hotel uses chrome-framed revolving doors that achieve several things. First, the revolving doors help to keep traffic flow running smoothly. Next, it actually helps control the temperature of the front lobby. While full-sliding automatic doors will let in (or out) the cool air, revolving doors create a nearly constant seal. Lastly, the revolving door has become synonymous with old-time elegance, which is exactly what Ritz-Carlton is striving for. In a world of modern advances and technologies, this iconic hotel chooses to stick with nostalgia, and it continues to work for them.

These are just a few examples of how commercial doors can do more than protect your facility from outdoor elements. Doors are the first impression any building makes. Depending on the type of impression your facility is trying to make (elegance, security, creativity), the door you choose can have a lasting impact.

Each building and facility has a specific purpose. With each purpose comes a type of impression that facility is trying to make. Detention centers should come across as secure. Hospitals should appear sanitary. Hotels should be inviting and elegant. The type of door you choose for your facility will dictate the impression your building makes.

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